Sugar Mountain

Drama | 28:00 | USA | 2005

Director: Aaron Himelstein

Synopsis: Ten years after a traumatizing operation, a teenage recluse is obsessed with reliving childhood memories. Now, alienated and alone, Jude reaches out to a long lost friend as his 18th birthday approaches.

Award: Best Drama Short

Texas Gold

Documentary | 21:10 | USA | 2005 

Director: Carolyn Scott

Synopsis: Diane Wilson, a fourth generation fisherwoman and mother of five, began her fight with the giants of the petro-chemical industry in 1989, when she discovered that her small Texas county had been named the most toxic place in America.  Award: Best Documentary Short


Gay | 12:36 | Canada | 2005

Director: Trevor Anderson

Synopsis: A young painter works up the courage to contact the collections agency that has been hounding him and gets embroiled in a more personal confrontation than he bargained for.  Rugburn: some things hurt worse than they should.

Right Place

Foreign | 5:15 | Japan | 2005

Director: Kosai Sekine

Synopsis: A convenience store worker's pedantic obsession for neatness leads to a sudden change in his career opportunities.

Award: Best Foreign Language Short (tie)

Reserved to Fight

Documentary | 6:40 | USA | 2005

Director: Chantelle Squires

Synopsis: When Chris Nibley returns home from Iraq, he throws himself back into civilian life, and struggles to balance school, work, and a lingering sense that the war isn't over for him--especially the war raging in his own mind.

No Shoulder

Student | 10:00 | USA | 2005

Director: Suzi Yoonessi

Synopsis: After a fatal accident on a stormy night, a troubled woman picks up a hitchhiker.  During their anxious drive together, they must face the lives they left behind.

Long Distance

Gay | 8:00 | USA/Taiwan | 2005

Director: Shu-Ling Hsieh

Synopsis: An Asian woman is away from home for a secret relationship. Long distance calls from her mother evoke ambivalent feelings inside of her.

Award: Best LGBT Short

Morir de Amor [Dying of love]

Animation | 12:40 | Germany | 2004

Director: Gil Alkabetz

Synopsis: While their owner is having his siesta, two old caged parrots rake up memories from the past. This brings unexpected consequences for all three of them.

La China

Foreign | 20:00 | Spain | 2005

Directors: Antonia San Juan, Diego Postigo

Synopsis: Two young drug addicts wander the streets of Madrid while they review their past lives: the jobs they lost, their former lovers, and the experiences shared are all part of their journey.

Award: Best Foreign Language Short (tie)

Heydar, an Afghan in Tehran

[Heydar, Yek Afghani Dar Tehran]

Student | 18:29 | Iran/UK | 2005

Director: Babak Jalali

Synopsis: Heydar, a young Afghan worker in Tehran wants to go back home to Afghanistan and become an English translator.  Award: Best Student Short

Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot

Animation | 7:00 | USA | 2005

Director: David Chai

Synopsis: A heartwarming tale of female empowerment and overcoming one's adversities; along with shotgun barrage, wild moose attack, and infant electrocution.

Barely Visible

Drama | 13:26 | Australia | 2005

Director: Jody Dwyer

Synopsis: Lynda is supposed to be away interstate but has organized a surprise party for her husband.  His drunken arrival – attempting to have sex with a woman half his age – is not what the guests anticipated.

Dating Ray Fenwick

Comedy | 11:53 | UK/Australia | 2005

Director: Kitty Flanagan

Synopsis: An obsessive mother focuses her life so entirely on her daughter's relationships that she loses sight of her own.

Awards: Best Comedy Short & Audience Choice Program A

At the Quinte Hotel

Animation | 3:38 | Canada | 2005 

Director: Bruce Alcock

Synopsis: A poet waxes on about beer and flowers in a small-town basement tavern. He witnesses and joins a bar fight, which he wins. Seizing the opportunity to recite to a captive crowd, he tries to profit from the emotional effect of his poem.  Award: Best Animation Short

2005 Festival

2005 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS  (in alphabetical order)

Two Hands

Documentary | 5:50 | Belgium | 2004

Director: Fabio Wuytack

Synopsis: Palestine has four heart surgeons.  Mohammed Tamim is one of them.  He went to Belgium in 2003 to specialize in pediatric surgery. The second Intifada made him a war surgeon.

A Message from Fallujah

Drama | 15:00 | Australia | 2004​

Director: Richard Gibson​

Synopsis: Daniel Crane, an American civil engineer working to rebuild war torn Iraq, is kidnapped on his last day in Fallujah.  He finds himself beaten and alone, a hostage in the drama of war.

Vagabond Shoes

Drama | 18:00 | England | 2005

Director: Jackie Oudney

Synopsis: On a Friday night in London, Alec, an enigmatic homeless man, sits across the street from a black-tie party at a posh hotel.  A chance occurrence gives Alec the opportunity to enter this high society gathering.

Award: Audience Choice Program A

Hoosiers II

Comedy | 5:10 | USA | 2005

Director: Mark Teitelman

Synopsis: The long-awaited and much anticipated sequel to the original (Hoosiers).  55 years after the Hickory Huskers won the Indiana State Championship, Coach Norman Dale's son, Norman Dale Jr., has returned to Hickory for one last shot at greatness.

15th New York City Short Film Festival  19 OCTOBER 2019 

The Tell Tale Heart

Animation | 9:45 | Lux-Spain-USA | 2005

Director: Raul Garcia

Synopsis: A psychological portrait of a mad narrator.  A murderer who cannot stop hearing his victim's relentless heartbeat.