20-21 Sep 2024

20th ​New York City Short Film Festival

Dating Ray Fenwick

11:53 > UK/Australia > 2005                    BEST COMEDY &
Director: Kitty Flanagan                        AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis:  An obsessive mother focuses her life so entirely on her daughter's relationships that she loses sight of her own.

Morir de Amor [Dying of love]

12:40 > Germany > 2004
Director: Gil Alkabetz       
Synopsis:  While their owner is having his siesta, two old caged parrots rake up memories from the past.

Texas Gold

21:10 > USA > 2005 
Director: Carolyn Scott              BEST DOCUMENTARY
Synopsis: A fourth-generation fisherwoman and mother of five, began her fight with the giants of the petro-chemical industry in 1989.

2005 Official Selections

Right Place

5:15 > Japan > 2005               BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE (TIE)
Director: Kosai Sekine                      
Synopsis:  A convenience store worker's pedantic obsession for neatness leads to a sudden change in his career opportunities.

At the Quinte Hotel

3:38 > Canada > 2005         
Director: Bruce Alcock                         BEST ANIMATION​​
Synopsis:  A poet waxes on about beer and flowers in a small-town basement tavern. He witnesses and joins a bar fight, which he wins. 

Heydar, an Afghan in Tehran 
[Heydar, Yek Afghani Dar Tehran]

18:29 > Iran/UK > 2005
Director: Babak Jalali                                BEST STUDENT
Synopsis: Heydar, a young Afghan worker in Tehran, wants to go back home to Afghanistan and become an English translator. 

Reserved to Fight

6:40 > USA > 2005
Director: Chantelle Squires                     
Synopsis:  When Chris Nibley returns home from Iraq, he throws himself back into civilian life, and struggles to balance school, work, and a lingering sense that the war isn't over.


12:36 > Canada > 2005                             
Director: Trevor Anderson                
Synopsis: A young painter works up the courage to contact the collections agency that has been hounding him.

Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot

7:00 > USA > 2005 
Director: David Chai                            
Synopsis: A heartwarming tale of female empowerment and overcoming one's adversities; along with shotgun barrage, wild moose attack, and infant electrocution.

Barely Visible

13:26 > Australia > 2005 

Directors: Jody Dwyer                                
Synopsis: Lynda is supposed to be away interstate but has organized a surprise party for her husband.  His drunken arrival is not what the guests anticipated.

Long Distance

8:00 > USA/Taiwan > 2005  

Director: Shu-Ling Hsieh                               BEST LGBTQ+
Synopsis:  An Asian woman is away from home for a secret relationship. Long distance calls from her mother evoke ambivalent feelings inside of her.

Two Hands

5:50 > Belgium > 2004 
Director: Fabio Wuytack                             
Synopsis:  Palestine has four heart surgeons.  Mohammed Tamim is one of them. 

La China

20:00 > Spain > 2005        BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE​ (TIE)​
Director:  Antonia San Juan, Diego Postigo                
Synopsis:  Two young drug addicts wander the streets of Madrid while they review their past lives.

Hoosiers II

5:10 > USA > 2005 

Director: Mark Teitelman                   
Synopsis: The long-awaited and much anticipated sequel to the original (Hoosiers).  

A Message from Fallujah

15:00 > Australia > 2004
Director: Richard Gibson​
Synopsis:  Daniel Crane, an American civil engineer working to rebuild war torn Iraq, is kidnapped on his last day in Fallujah.  He finds himself beaten and alone, a hostage in the drama of war.

No Shoulder

10:00 > USA > 2005 
Director: Suzi Yoonessi                                  
Synopsis:  After a fatal accident on a stormy night, a troubled woman picks up a hitchhiker. 

The Tell Tale Heart

9:45 > Luxembourg/Spain/USA > 2005
Director: Raul Garcia                                

Synopsis: A murderer cannot stop hearing his victim's relentless heartbeat.

Sugar Mountain

 28:00 > USA > 2005 
Director: Aaron Himelstein                    BEST DRAMA
Synopsis: Ten years after a traumatizing operation, a teenage recluse is obsessed with reliving childhood memories. 

Vagabond Shoes

18:00 > England > 2005  
Director: Jackie Oudney               AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis:  On a Friday night in London, Alec, an enigmatic homeless man, sits across the street from a black-tie party at a posh hotel.  A chance occurrence gives Alec the opportunity to enter this high society gathering.