20-21 Sep 2024

20th ​New York City Short Film Festival

The Top Spot

7:00 > UK > 2022 > North America premiere​
Director: Frank Weber​
Synopsis: Competing for the top spot in the herd is a contest one little ibex is sure to fail.

15:00 > Norway > 2021 

Director: Aslak Danbolt​
Synopsis: It’s Christmas Eve, and Synnøve is searching for her drug-addicted daughter Michelle in an almost desolated city. 


9:40 > Norway > 2022 > North America premiere​
Director: Adel Khan Faroog​
Synopsis: In a dystopian city on the verge of collapse after cockroaches have taken over, a brotherhood sends 17-year-old Tim on a mission to blow up the cockroaches’ nest to save his hometown.

Falling in Love with A♯

15:06 > Japan > 2022 > NYC premiere
Director: Kohei Hirota​​
Synopsis: Akio visits Nishimuro family, a kimono dealer, to tune their piano.


20:00 > Mexico > 2021 > NYC premiere​
Director: Paulina Urreta​​
Synopsis: Olivia faces a life fraught with loneliness, filling the hours of her days while longing for the presence of her daughter. 

The Flying Sailor

7:45 > Canada > 2022 > US premiere
Directors: Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis
Synopsis: Two ships collide in a harbour, an explosion shatters a city, and a sailor is blasted skyward.

Men of Salt

13:44 > Mexico > 2021 
Director: Luis Armando Sosa Gil                                          
Synopsis: Cristobal, a young fisherman, returns home after an unsuccessful migration attempt.

Bright Eyes

8:00 > Israel > 2022 > North America premiere
Director: Shiri Kuban                          
Synopsis: Wrapped in gauze and hiding beneath the living room table, six year old Ellie has to deal with her father's sudden death.

2022 Official Selections

Saving Sister Cindy

14:42 > USA > 2022 > NYC premiere​​
Directors: Joel Mandell & Sam Eppich​
Synopsis: Controversial Evangelical preacher Cindy Smock becomes a superstar on college campuses after going TikTok viral overnight.


11:30 > USA > 2021 
Director: Robin Takao D'Oench                          
Synopsis: A teenage boy experiences awkwardness and struggles to navigate the uncertainties of his sexuality after his first time with a girl doesn’t go as expected. 


19:00 > Iran > 2020 > NYC premiere​
Director: Óscar Romero Barrero & Néstor López Ferreira
Synopsis:  Irene and Sergio come home angry after spending the night out. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the sound of their door opening.

Best of Fest:  Call Anytime, I’m Not Leaving the House, Sanjna Selva
Best Animation:  The Flying Sailor, Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis
Best Comedy:  Falling in Love with A#, Kohei Hirota
Best Documentary:  My Own Colors, Brenda Garcia Lopez
Best Drama:  Them, Óscar Romero Barrero & Néstor López Ferreira
Best Foreign Language:  Mamma, Aslak Danbolt
Best LGBTQ:  Colony Collapse Disorder, Amos Holzman
Best Student:  Bright Eyes, Shiri Kuban
Audience Choice:  Hard, Robin Takao D'Oench

Arkansas, etc. 

14:44 > USA > 2021 > NYC premiere
Director: Brandon Tyler                                 
Synopsis: The lives of a runaway and a loner spiral when they cross paths.  

My own colors

14:27 > Mexico > 2021 > NYC premiere​ 
Director: Brenda Elizabeth Garcia Lopez               
Synopsis: 14-year old Lalo is forced to leave his home where he's lived for more than 12 years due to Covid 19 pandemic.


13:30 > Israel > 2022 > International premiere
Director: Yuval Naim                                 
Synopsis: When her adult daughter moves back home after a crisis of the heart, homemaker Flora tries to awaken her own sagging love life.

Threatened Love

15:00 > Spain > 2021 > NYC premiere
Director: Héctor Herce                   
Synopsis: Alex and Félix wait for Marga to return from her vacation. They are both in love with her. And while they wait, they fantasize...

Colony Collapse Disorder

15:40 > Israel > 2021 >  NYC premiere
Director: Amos Hozman  
Synopsis:  Between forest and city, two ambiguous lovers' journey to preserve their togetherness.

Call Anytime, I'm Not Leaving the House 

12:48 > USA > 2022 
Director: Sanjna Selva                              
Synopsis: Two days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lesya Verba, a Brooklyn-based artist and performer, gets through to her older sister in Odessa, Ukraine via FaceTime. 

Hold Up

14:54 > USA > 2021 > NYC premiere
Director: Alex Rollins Berg​                            
Synopsis: When Graham is in a rush to get home. But when Hashim, a homeless East African man, approaches him on the subway platform, his night takes an unexpected turn.