18-22 Oct 2023

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19th ​New York City Short Film Festival


7:40 > USA > 2014 > NYC premiere​
Director: Dave Rock          BEST COMEDY​
Synopsis: A self-obsessed, emotionally stunted couple nearly come to blows over the DVR.

Not Funny [No Tiene Gracia]

14:50> Spain > 2013 >  NYC premiere
Director: Carlos Violadé          BEST DRAMA​
Synopsis: You have to accept all the consequences when you play a practical joke.


14:29 > Israel > 2013 >  NYC premiere
Director: Sari Bisharat              BEST STUDENT​
Synopsis: Two brothers set out with their grandfather's old cart to sell lupini beans.

Till Then [Bis Gleich] 

15:45> Germany > 2014 > NYC premiere​
Director: Benjamin Wolff      AUDIENCE CHOICE B  
Synopsis: Two neighbors who have never actually met, face the inevitable together.

The Finger [Le doigt d'honneur]

14:00 > Switzerland > 2013 >  NYC premiere
Director: Malika Pellicioli          
Synopsis: Two brothers, one sister and their dead father.


9:00 > Spain > 2014 > NYC premiere  
Director: Jonathan Wysocki         BEST LGBTQ+
Synopsis: Trust issues are tested as a gay male couple shop for their first mattress.


10:53 > USA > 2013 > NYC premiere
Director: Brett Sorem      AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis: Life can be ruined in 140 characters.

Li Wei: Weightless

9:36 > USA > 2013 >  N. America premiere
Director: George Sinfield       BEST DOCUMENTARY
Synopsis: Beijing performance artist and photographer Li Wei plans and executes a signature piece.

Just the Three of Us

13:00 > USA > 2014 > NYC premiere​
Director: Angela Tucker     AUDIENCE CHOICE A     
Synopsis:  A couple in their 70s looks to spice up their marriage.


10:10 > Canada > 2014
Director: Bruce Alcock
Synopsis: Chuck must find his way through a planned diner à deux that has turned into pandemonium.

2014 Official Selections

Frank & Azalee Austin

10:00 > USA > 2014 > NYC premiere​
Director: Zachary Herschberg           
Synopsis: A green card interview breaks down, then changes three lives.


14:52 > Lebanon > 2014 > NYC premiere

Director: Mounia Akl         BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Synopsis: In an isolated Lebanese convent, Sister Christine struggles to keep her beloved disciple from departing permanently.


3:30 > USA > 2014 > NYC premiere​
Director: Joshua Cox           BEST ANIMATION​
Synopsis: Two ceramic figures explore the depths of love and betrayal.