Inflatable Grandma! [Amona Putz!]

9:00 | Spain | 2009
Director: Telmo Esnal       
Synopsis: Sometimes, couples who have children miss Grandma.

The Thomas Beale Cipher 

10:10 | USA | 2010
Director: Andrew Allen          
Synopsis: Life is not a game.

The Trenches [La Tranchée]

6:53 | Canada | 2010 | NYC premiere​     
Director: Claude Cloutier                           BEST ANIMATION
Synopsis:  A young man is getting ready to fight at the front. 

Thank You Mr. President

10:33 | Germany | 2009 | N. America premiere​
Director: Lenn Kudrjawizki             
Synopsis: Seven heads of state meet at a Security Council and their diplomatic masks fall.


20:00 | Israel | 2009 
Director: Yaelle Kayam                              BEST STUDENT
Synopsis: 15 year old Samer insists on taking his older sister Ayat to collect her diploma from the Palestinian university.


12:28 | Canada | 2010 | NYC premiere​

Director: Andrea Dorfman                   AUDIENCE CHOICE A​
Synopsis:  It's not about whether girl can get along with boy, it's about whether girl can accept herself.

Frog in the Well

15:00 | Japan/USA | 2010 | NYC premiere

Director: Ken Ochiai                             
Synopsis: Following his mother's wishes, Jo, a reclusive young tailor from Tokyo embarks on a solitary journey across Japan.


3:50 | Netherlands/UK | 2009 | NYC premiere
Director: Joseph Ernst                              
Synopsis: What does our body see when we stick it in our mouth?


6:24 | Germany | 2010 | NYC premiere
Director: Verena Fels                                   
Synopsis: At the edge of society, a cow tips the balance of destiny with quite some impact...


13:13 | USA | 2010
Director: Gary Perez
Synopsis: In the end, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.


14:55 | Denmark | 2009 | NYC premiere            
Director: Lars P. Arendt                                  BEST OF FEST​​
Synopsis: Ten-year old Benjamin has had it with lies.

The Descent [Hayerida]

20:00 | Israel | 2010 | N. America premiere​
Director: Shai Miedzinski                                

Synopsis: A family who lost its son goes to find a stone that will be a tombstone.

Deep Red [Adom Adom]

19:00 | Israel | 2009 | NYC premiere

Directors: Eddie Trapero                                BEST OF LGBTQ+​
Synopsis: Gur and Yuval will stop at nothing to make enough money for a fresh start in Berlin.

The Salesman of the Year 
[El Vendedor del Año]

14:00 | Spain | 2010 | NYC premiere​     
Director: Coté Soler
Synopsis: Behind the most ruthless of multinationals only one thing. Man.

Nico's Challenge

15:00 | USA | 2009 |  NYC premiere​
Director: Steve Audette                     
Synopsis: 13 year-old boy who faces special challenges as he climbs mount Kilimanjaro, the worlds highest freestanding mountain.

Under Penalty

3:13 | USA | 2010 | NYC premiere​     
Director: Liam J. Holland                          
Synopsis: A fast paced chase through downtown New York City.

The Game [Il Gioco]

16:30 | Italy | 2009 | NYC premiere​      BEST FOREIGN &
Director: Adriano Giannini                    AUDIENCE CHOICE B​
Synopsis: Sicily, July 1943. On a beach seven little boys are busy as every summer in a game from them conceived.

 18-22 Oct 2023

19th ​New York City Short Film Festival

2010 Official Selections

The Best Man

4:30 | USA | 2010 | NYC premiere​
Director: Jeff Betancourt         
Synopsis: The Best Man prepares for her impending speech.


9:00 | USA | 2009 | NYC premiere​
Director: Jon Goldman                            BEST COMEDY
Synopsis: Relations between the United States and Iran take an unexpected turn when two senior diplomats and their interpreters meet for a closed-door session.

Save our Bacon

13:38 | UK | 2010                             
Director: Peter Baynton                
Synopsis: An honest farmer, hit hard by the credit crunch, squeezed by a greedy supermarket and struggling to survive.

Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story

22:18 | USA | 2010 | NYC premiere​
Director:  Richard Yelland                 BEST DOCUMENTARY
Synopsis: Saturday, March 2008 started off like every Saturday for thirty-two year old surfer Nathan Gocke.

Over Cards

13:00 | USA | 2010 | NYC premiere​        BEST DRAMA & 
Director: Marwan A. Abderrazzaq        AUDIENCE CHOICE C     
Synopsis: 5 friends, playing poker, discuss how each would kill their wife.