9:47 > Germany > 2017 > NYC premiere

Directors: Boris Seewald

Synopsis: Approaching the microphone in a small room, a young woman prepares to make the speech of her life.

Hand. Line. Cod

9:30 > Canada > 2016 > NYC premiere

Director: Justin Simms

Synopsis: In the coldest waters surrounding Newfoundland’s rugged Fogo Island, traditional fishers catch cod live by hand, by hook and line, one at a time.


13:00 > Canada/Croatia > 2017 > NYC premiere

Director: Chintis Lundgren

Synopsis Manivald is still living at home with his retired mother. The day before his 33th birthday a hot young wolf called Toomas comes to fix their washing machine.

The Rabbi

19:43 > Israel > 2016 > NYC premiere

Director: Uriya Hertz

Synopsis: A revealing confession by his favorite student shakes a Rabbbi's familiar and secure world. 


5:55 > Mexico > 2016 >World premiere

Director: Ale Damiani

Synopsis: While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, the outrageous consequences of his plan to build a wall on the Mexico - US border unfold.

2017 Festival

2017 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS  (in alphabetical order)


2:00 > Spain > 2016 > NYC premiere

Director: Jose Manuel Carrasco

Synopsis: Do you believe in eternal life?

David Brooks Hits the Pavement

7:37 > USA > 2017 >World premiere

Director: Nick Ravich

Synopsis:Coasting along the streets of New York City on his skateboard, artist David Brooks maps his evolution from teen skater to ambitious sculptor.

The End

3:39 > USA > 2017 > World premiere

Director: Aisha Schliessler

Synopsis: A lonesome beauty spends an evening with an unexpected dinner date.


9:46 > Italy > 2017 

Director: Lorena Alvarado

Synopsis: Beatrice Vio is the only fencer in the world that competes without arms or legs. She is also the Paralympic champion.  


  • HAND. LINE. COD. – directed by Justin Simms
  • FRAMED – directed by Marco Jemolo
  • HALOPERIDOL – directed by Jose Manuel Carrasco
  • AFTERWORD – directed by Boris Seewald
  • MANIVALD – directed by Chintis Lundgren
  • DUST & DIRT – directed by Chris Stanford
  • DARREL – directed by Marc Briones Piulachs & Alan Carabantes Person
  • ​212 – directed by Boaz Frankel​


9:25 > Switzerland > 2016 > NYC premiere

Director: Maxime Pillonel

Synopsis: Two robbers try to hold up a gas station pointing their guns at the cashier who fails to react the way they’d expected...


7:00 > Italy > 2017 >NYC premiere

Director: Marco Jemolo

Synopsis: FRAMED is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.

I Like Girls

8:12 > Canada > 2016

Director: Diane Obomsawin

Synopsis: First love is an intoxicating experience, but with it can come excruciating awkwardness, unrequited emotions, and confusing issues of identity.


3:00 > Spain > 2016

Director: Marc Briones Piulachs & Alan Carabantes Person

Synopsis: Exchange of glances in the metro. How many opportunities have you let slip? Darrel will do everything possible to not let escape this one...

We Love Moses

19:43 > UK > 2016 > NYC premiere

Director: Dionne Edwards

Synopsis: Now 18, Ella reflects on how her obsession with her brother's best friend Moses left her with a secret she still carries.


  • ​THE RABBI – directed by Uriya Hertz
  • THE END – directed by Aisha Schliessler
  • I LIKE GIRLS – directed by Diane Obomsawin
  • BEATRICE – directed by Lorena Alvarado
  • ​M.A.M.O.N. – directed by Ale Damiani
  • MARTIEN – directed by Maxime Pillonel
  • DAVID BROOKS HITS THE PAVEMENT –directed by Nick Ravich
  • WE LOVE MOSES –directed by Dionne Edwards


20:00 > Israel > 2016 > NYC premiere

Director: Boaz Frankel

Synopsis: The rain is pouring, someone nabbed Doron's reserved parking spot, and the occupant of Room 212, passed away that morning.

Dust & Dirt

4:58 > USA > 2016 > NYC premiere 

Director: Chris Stanford

Synopsis: Mason Massey dreams of one day making it to the top level of racing but with a lack of big money sponsorship he knows that it is going to be a long, hard road.

New York City Short Film Festival 18 NOVEMBER 2017