Dying Every Day [Morir Cada Día]

13:00 > Spain > 2010 > N. America premiere​

Director: Aitor Echeverría                   AUDIENCE CHOICE B​
Synopsis: Blanca isn't willing to let her family enjoy a quiet dinner.  

Basement [Souterrain]

10:59 > Germany > 2010 > NYC premiere

Directors: Erwin Häcker                                BEST OF FEST​
Synopsis: For a thief, a burglary will become a matter of conscience, as he discovers that somebody be up to worse. 


7:08 > UK > 2011 > World premiere​     
Director: Tim Brunsden & Paul McCann 
Synopsis: From Truck Driver to Beautician, Vikki-Marie Gaynor charts the story of her transition from male to female.

CLUBSCENE: The Bartender

7:20 > Canada > 2010
Director: Adriano Valentini
Synopsis:  The reason why guys and girls can't be friends.

Life Model

5:45 > USA > 2010
Director: Lori Petchers                     BEST DOCUMENTARY
Synopsis:  A 75-year-old nude figure model learns to love her body through the art she inspires.  


13:13 > USA > 2011
Director: Jakob Daschek                                
Synopsis: Emmanuel isn't like other ten-year-olds - he can't play with them, he can't focus at school, and he can't even bear to be hugged by his mother.

The Lost town of Switez

19:54 > Canada/Denmark/France/Poland/Switzerland > 2010
Director: Kamil Polak                                BEST ANIMATION​

Synopsis: After a bloody massacre in medieval times, a town lies engulfed at the bottom of a lake, but its presence can still be felt on the surface.  

2011 Official Selections

33 Teeth

7:40 > USA > 2011> NYC premiere            
Director: Evan Roberts                         BEST LGBTQ+​​
Synopsis: Eddie's fascination with his older neighbor, Chad, heightens after he spies on him in the bathroom measuring his manhood.

1000 Miles of Parkour

14:00 > UK > 2011 > N. America premiere
Director: Adam Baroukh
Synopsis:  In May 2010, Johnny 'Sticky' Budden embarked upon a journey that would push the entire sport of parkour to its utmost limits.

Death of a Pop Star

14:30 > USA > 2010 > NYC premiere​
Director: Greg Loser                            AUDIENCE CHOICE C
Synopsis: Inspired by the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson, 'Death of a Pop Star' imagines the final moments of a music superstar's life.  

I Hate You [Te Odio]

6:00 > Spain > 2011 >  N. America premiere

Director: Rafa Rojas-Díez                               BEST DRAMA
Synopsis:  Sometimes it is not easy to talk about certain things with the one you love the most.

The Trip [Ha Tiyul]

10:11 > Israel > 2010 > N. America premiere​
Director: Oded Graziani                               BEST STUDENT​
Synopsis: In a quiet neighborhood, a family in an ordinary house are on their way out for an apparently normal trip. 

It's a Treat

5:00 > Australia > 2010 >  NYC premiere
Director: Luke Mayze                                    BEST COMEDY​
Synopsis: Monique is waiting for something or someone in a restaurant when her ex-boyfriend David hijacks her meal to tell her something important. 

You have the right to an Attorney 

12:45 > USA > 2011   
Director: Matthew Bockelman          AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis: Matthew BockelmanMatt and Scott, two young public defenders in the South Bronx, strive to resolve hundreds of client cases, while also facing the weighty emotional burden of working within a system they consider fundamentally broken. 

The Fickle

7:11 > USA > 2011
Director: Bryan Poyser         
Synopsis: In this hilarious look at modern romance, a young woman relives twelve failed love affairs, all in one dizzying morning.

First Aid [Ezra Rishona]

15:55 > Israel > 2010 > NYC premiere​
Director:  Yaden Karmin                BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE​
Synopsis:  A day before his wedding, Shai visits Tamar, his ex-girlfriend, for a tempestuous encounter.  

Scarecrow [Espantapájaros]

1:24 > Spain > 2011> NYC premiere​
Director: Blanca Esteve Stéphant                      
Synopsis: A black and white poem about a special kind of woman.

 20-21 Sep 2024

20th ​New York City Short Film Festival

Something Red

 4:34 > Canada > 2011 > US premiere​
Director: Ilana Frank             
Synopsis:  While embarking on a blind date, Scott finds himself face to face with several potential hook ups and discovers that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

I was a Child of Holocaust Survivors

15:01 > Canada > 2010
Director: Ann Marie Fleming       
Synopsis: Identity and loss are explored through the audacious proposition that the Holocaust is addictive and defining.


13:45 > Portugal > 2011                             
Director: Nuno Dias                
Synopsis: When a woman stumbles across a dead man in the middle of nowhere, she decides to take his only possession.