20-21 Sep 2024

20th ​New York City Short Film Festival

Blind Eyes

3:00 > USA > 2016 > NYC premiere  
Director: Yifan Hu
Synopsis: A meditation on sexual identity and personal chaos.

The Principle of Grace

17:58 > Israel > 2016 > N. America premiere
Director: Maya Kessel          BEST OF FEST​
Synopsis: Rita, a nurse for the Social Welfare Department, is accompanied by Mali, a student, as she makes her house calls.

The Head Vanishes

9:30 > Canada > 2016 >  NYC premiere
Director: Franck Dion       BEST ANIMATION
Synopsis: Jacqueline is starting to lose her mind -- and she's literally forgetting her head now and then.

Going the Distance

10:00 > USA > 2016 > NYC premiere 

Director:  Jessie Beers-Altman         
Synopsis:  At the 121st annual Penn Relays track meet in Philadelphia, three runners prove that age is just a number.

Be Happy Tonight

17:34 > Israel > 2016 > World premiere
Director: Leah Tonic          BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Synopsis:  A young Orthodox couple out for a night on the town travel to the other side of town and decide to change their identities.


7:00 > South Africa > 2016 > N. America premiere
Director: Greg Rom          
Synopsis: An anxious and penniless woman discovers a bizarre way to get herself out of financial trouble. 

The Art of a Lost Trade

6:21 > USA > 2016 >  NYC premiere
Director: Mary Gerretsen       BEST STUDENT
Synopsis: The lives of clockmakers standing stalwart against the rising tide of consumerism.

The Last Leatherman of the Vale of Cashmere

14:30 > USA > 2016
Director: Greg Loser       BEST LGBTQ+ & AUDIENCE CHOICE B
Synopsis: An aging leatherman makes a weekly pilgrimage to the cruising destination of his youth.

What Happens in your Brain if you see a German word like...?

5:00 > Germany > 2015 >  NYC premiere
Director: Zora Rux        
Synopsis:  A surrealistic trip into the world of an extremely long German word.


13:10 > USA > 2016 >  NYC premiere
Director: Jared Anderson         BEST DRAMA​
Synopsis: The story of a woman who is shot and killed during a vacation with her family.

The Reinvention of Normal 

7:00 > UK > 2016
Director: Liam Saint-Pierre      BEST DOCUMENTARY   
Synopsis: Artist/inventor/designer Dominic Wilcox takes the normal and turns it into something unique.

Seeking: Jack Tripper

14:30 > USA > 2016 > NYC premiere​
Director: Quinlan Orear          BEST COMEDY

Synopsis: Tucker and Lance attempt to break a rut in their marriage by trying to seduce a stranger at their local bar.


12:14 > Canada > 2016 >  NYC premiere
Director: Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre      AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis: A portrait of virtuoso pianist Oscar Peterson at the twilight of an exceptional career.

Los Angeles 1991

10:22 > USA > 2015
Director: Miguel de Olaso & Bruno Zacarias
Synopsis: The streets have become a hotbed of racial tension and hate about to explode.

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