The Tribe

17:45 > USA > 2006
Director: Tiffany Shlain                       BEST DOCUMENTARY       
Synopsis: An unorthodox, unauthorized history of the Jewish people and the Barbie doll.  

Equal Opportunity

6:30 > USA > 2006
Director:  Howard Duy Vu      
Synopsis: Diverse co-workers share their true feelings about one another in the break room.

Fair Trade  

15:00 > Germany/Morocco > 2006 >  NYC premiere
Director: Michael Dreher              BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Synopsis: The shortest distance between Morocco and Europe can be the most treacherous. 

2007 Official Selections

41 Seconds [41 Sekunden]

3:43 > Germany > 2006
Director: Tobias Martin, Rodney Sewell
Synopsis: What do you do when your girlfriend says your best friend kisses better than you?


7:30 > Norway > 2006 
Director: Heidi Arnesen                           BEST LGBTQ+​
Synopsis: Boundaries shift for 3 naked women when the lights go out in a communal gym shower.  

A bout de truffe [The truffle hunter] 

15:00 > UK/France > 2007 > NYC premiere

Directors: Tom Tagholm
Synopsis: After years of searching, a struggling truffle hunter makes the discovery of a lifetime.

Simanei Derech [Road Marks]

21:14 > Israel > 2006 > NYC premiere​       BEST OF FEST &
Director: Shimon Shai                              AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis: On a trip to the desert, Gili stands up to his father, which leads to a terrifying sequence of events.


4:24 > Canada > 2007 > NYC premiere
Director: Colleen MacIsaac                             
Synopsis: An exploration of global warming through watercolors.


15:00 > USA > 2007 > NYC Premiere  
Director: Brian Crano                            AUDIENCE CHOICE B
Synopsis: Maggie’s second date with Nick goes awry when she arrives and is introduced to Nick's other dinner guests, his three roommates, Caroline, Cheryl and Annie.

Tanghi Argentini

13:13 > Belgium > 2006
Director: Guido Thys                              BEST COMEDY
Synopsis: Despite the faceless and cold atmosphere at his work place, an office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy.


7:54 > Canada > 2007 > NYC premiere​
Director: Jesse Rosensweet                      
Synopsis: Cogs spin and a giant automaton whirrs to life as John’s perfect little life unravels in a giant machine called Paradise.

Infinite Justice

2:00> Germany > 2006
Director: Karl Tebbe                 
Synopsis: Choking hazard.  Small parts.

Madame Tutli-Putli

17:21 > Canada > 2007 > NYC premiere​
Director: Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski   BEST ANIMATION
Synopsis: Madame Tutli-Putli boards the night train, weighed down with all her earthly possessions and the ghosts of her past.

Dog Days

16:00 > France > 2007
Director: Geoffroy de Crécy          
Synopsis: A satire in which Grace, the newborn baby of an American upper-class family, gets switched with Doug, the puppy of a “white trash” American family.

I met the Walrus

5:00 > Canada > 2007
Director: Josh Raskin                     
Synopsis: 'Think peace and you'll get it. It's up to the people. If we really wanna change it, we can change it.'

Sirenas de Fondo
[Background Sirens]

10:00 > Mexico > 2006 > NYC premiere 
Director: Arcadi Palerm-Artís                  AUDIENCE CHOICE D​
Synopsis: When will the background sirens stop?


3:00 > USA > 2005    
Director: Becky James 
Synopsis:  Deceptively playful, Snake is a film about stubbornness in the face of change.


17:00 > USA > 2007
Director: Rob Meyer                                BEST STUDENT
Synopsis: For a kid growing up in the suburbs, the truth can lie at the bottom of a fish tank.  Award: Best Student Short

The Goat that ate time

7:00 > Australia > 2007 > NYC premiere
Director: Lucinda Schreiber                             
Synopsis: A goat with an appetite for life realizes that time is dangerously delicious.


9:00 > Mexico > 2007 > NYC Premiere             
Director: Illegal Artist                         ​​
Synopsis: A five level labyrinth that spreads across Europe but has no real way out.

Der Aufreisser [The Pick-up Artist] 

12:35 > Germany > 2006 >  NYC premiere
Director: Steffen Weinert                               
Synopsis: Olli only wants to have noncommittal sex but that becomes difficult when he meets the 6 year-old daughter of his one-night stand.

Vartan LLP

17:15 > USA > 2007
Director: Myles Price                         AUDIENCE CHOICE C    
Synopsis: One of the most powerful and successful businessmen working on Wall Street is shaken to his core by one phone call.

Real Men

10:00 > USA > 2006 > NYC premiere​
Director: Sean Hanish              
Synopsis: Best friends push the boundaries of their relationship to discover what a 'real man' is.

Isabelle au bois dormant 
[Sleeping Betty]

9:14 > Canada > 2007 > NYC Premiere       BEST KIDS &
Director: Claude Cloutier                         AUDIENCE CHOICE K ​
Synopsis: In a sumptuous palace in the basement of a house in a Montreal working-class neighborhood, Princess Betty sleeps in a narcoleptic stupor. 

The Flower

1:40 > Canada > 2007  
Director: Dale Hayward, Phil Dubrovsky
Synopsis: It’s the world’s most optimistic flower’s birthday and he gets presents!

Turn Back South

13:40 > USA > 2006 > NYC premiere
Director: Igor Borovac                             
Synopsis: A story of the inescapable relationship between Border Patrol agents and Mexican migrants.


14:00 > UK > 2007  
Director: Simon Ellis                              BEST DRAMA
Synopsis: A father rediscovers his fear of confrontation, at the worst possible time. 

Llévame a otro sitio 
[Take me somewhere else] 

21:00 > Spain > 2004 > N. America premiere                              
Director: David Martín de los Santos
Synopsis:  On a long road trip, an innocent game between a married couple becomes dangerous.


5:00 > USA > 2006
Director: Kun-I Chang   
Synopsis: A man sees himself as graffiti on the wall.

Pomiedzy [In between] 

16:40 > Poland > 2006 > NYC premiere​   
Director: José E. Iglesias Vigil 
Synopsis: Is there a place for sincerity between solitude and love?


8:50 > Singapore > 2007 > NYC premiere​
Director: Chee Tian Lee, Derrick Lui                          
Synopsis: A colour-blind girl's journey to find colours in her life.

 18-22 Oct 2023

19th ​New York City Short Film Festival