Animation | 2:58 | USA | 2008 | World premiere

Director: Darrell Van Citters

Synopsis: From dinosaurs to petroleum to plastics, from sand to glass, a light-hearted look at why recycling the earth’s resources is so important.

Roadmarkers [Kestomerkitsijät]

Student | 18:40 | Finland | 2007 | N. American premiere

Director: Juho Kuosmanen

Synopsis: A world where people talk with few words and where violence is way to express your feelings.


Foreign | 13:00 | Spain | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Arturo Ruiz Serrano

Synopsis: Gabino has never declared his love to a woman.

Award: Best of Fest & Audience Choice Program C


Animation | 4:15 | UK | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Johnny Kelly

Synopsis: Sometimes the only way to get something done is to do two-dozen other things first.  Award: Best Animation Short


Documentary | 14:00 | USA | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Carlos Barbot

Synopsis: People will love what they want to love.

Award: Best Documentary Short

On the Assassination of the President

Drama | 6:00 | USA | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Adam Keker

Synopsis: A top-secret government file, to be viewed only in the event of the President's death by assassination.


Animation | 7:15 | Australia | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Glen Hunwick

Synopsis: All work and no play leads to disaster for a disgruntled farmer, his cow and hardworking dog.


Animation | 9:10 | Canada | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Nicolas Brault

Synopsis: Under the African sun, a mother's soul resurrected by music will return strength and life to her child.


Animation | 12:30 | USA | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Kevin Watkins

Synopsis: A garden hose in search of adventure, discovers that the grass isn't greener on the other side - in fact there isn't even any grass...

Awards: Best Kids Short & Audience Choice Program K

First Bass

Drama | 15:20 | USA | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Philip Hodges

Synopsis: Abbey Jacobs is a 12-year-old upright bass prodigy whose true love is baseball.

Bye-bye Boobies

LGBT | 14:00 | Australia | 2008

Directors: Wednesday & Jez

Synopsis: In October 2007, Jeremy had chest surgery, completing the female-to-male transition he has been working toward for two years.

A Pickle

Drama | 12:27 | Canada | 2008 | N. American premiere

Director: Karen Nielsen

Synopsis: An unlikely friendship emerges that challenges a young boy and will define his life forever.

A Day in the Life

Foreign | 21:16 | Belgium | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Nicolas Daenens

Synopsis: In a crazy daisy chain of events, Mario and Tom rob a bank, Emin drives the getaway car and Jimmy picks pockets.  Their fortunes intertwine over the course of a day.  Award: Audience Choice Program B

2008 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS  (in alphabetical order)

The Confession

Comedy | 3:40 | Ireland | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Thomas Hefferon

Synopsis: A young man nervously goes to confess his sins, but the priest seems to be more interested in gossiping about the women of the town than granting him absolution.


Foreign | 12:00 | Spain | 2007

Director: Jose Manuel Carrasco

Synopsis: Pilar doesn’t want to be alone, so she decides to go to a dating agency and get a blind date. What she doesn’t know is that her date has his own plans and they have nothing to do with hers. Award: Best Comedy Short

My Dad Ralph

Drama | 11:44 | Canada | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Nicholas Wong

Synopsis: Ralph has been keeping his profession a secret from his 7-year-old son, Zack. But when Zack’s class participates in Take-Your-Kids-to-Work’ Day, keeping the secret becomes a lot harder.

Interior. Block of Flats Hallway

[Interior. Scara de Bloc]

​Student | 16:00 | Romania | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Ciprian Alexandrescu

Synopsis: The death of a person starts a chain reaction which involves the neighbors. Award: Best Drama Short


LGBT | 15:45 | USA | 2007

Director: Laura van Schendel

Synopsis: Florent Morellet, owner of legendary restaurant Florent, battles his dark side as he tries to keep the lights on in his popular nightspot.


Student | 8:00 | Belgium | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Senne Dehandschutter

Synopsis: A pretty girl surrounded by thousands of warriors is part of a magnificent choreography of dance and struggle. In the end only one warrior meets destiny.

Big Commission

Animation | 3:51 | USA | 2008 | World premiere

Director: Alex Frenklakh

Synopsis: A portrait painter is confronted with a challenging high profile commission when he is asked to paint a famous general with a pronounced mole.

Ball Possession [Balbezit]

Comedy | 8:11 | Netherlands | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Willemiek Kluijfhout

Synopsis: An amateur soccer match ends. All players head for the cosy clubhouse. All except Willem, who needs to retrieve his soccer ball.


Comedy | 6:26 | Canada | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Kellie Ann Benz

Synopsis: A dinner party conversation takes the most unexpected of turns.

6.5 Minutes in Tel-Aviv

Foreign | 6:30 | Israel | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Mirey Brantz

Synopsis: On the 2006 Purim Holiday, an Arab guy, an Israeli woman, paranoia and bus passengers who do not suspect a thing.  Award: Best Student Short

2008 Festival

Woman in Burka

Comedy | 20:33 | USA | 2008

Director: Jonathan Lisecki

Synopsis: A darkly comic look at the life of an actress and the types of Middle Eastern roles available to her in a post 9/11 culture


Documentary | 5:30 | USA | 2008 | World premiere

Director: Jakob Daschek

Synopsis: Amidst the madness of New York City, a virtually unknown surf culture is driven by a different current.

The Elevator

LGBT | 23:00 | Israel | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Ben Hakim

Synopsis: 23 minutes with a person can change your life.

Award: Best LGBT Short

Tony Zoreil [Tony Zear]

Foreign | 20:00 | France | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Valentin Potier

Synopsis: Tony is a 28 year-old single guy with very big ears.  Looking for love, he only finds women who reject his remarkable physical traits.

Awards: Best Foreign Short & Audience Choice Program A

The Turtle and the Shark

Animation | 4:00 | USA | 2008 | NYC premiere

Director: Ryan Woodward

Synopsis: After defying the King Malietoafaiga of Samoa, and deceiving their families, Fonuea and her husband flee to the island of Tutuila.  

Señas Particulares

Foreign | 11:35 | Mexico | 2007 | NYC premiere

Director: Kenya Márquez

Synopsis: Ramona loses her tranquility when her son Osvaldo disappears. She begins a search that leads her to the coroner’s office and to accept the possibility that her son has died.

15th New York City Short Film Festival  19 OCTOBER 2019