6.5 Minutes in Tel-Aviv

6:30 > Israel > 2007 > NYC premiere
Director: Mirey Brantz                               BEST STUDENT
Synopsis: On the 2006 Purim Holiday, an Arab guy, an Israeli woman, paranoia and bus passengers who don't suspect a thing. 

Señas Particulares

11:35 > Mexico > 2007 > NYC premiere​
Director: Kenya Márquez                              
Synopsis: Ramona loses her tranquility when her son Osvaldo disappears. 

The Elevator

23:00 > Israel > 2007 > NYC premiere​
Director: Ben Hakim                                   BEST LGBTQ+
Synopsis: 23 minutes with a person can change your life.

First Bass  

15:20 > USA > 2007 >  NYC premiere
Director: Philip Hodges             
Synopsis: Abbey Jacobs is a 12-year-old upright bass prodigy whose true love is baseball.


8:00 > Belgium > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Senne Dehandschutter      
Synopsis: A pretty girl surrounded by thousands of warriors is part of a magnificent choreography of dance and struggle. In the end only one warrior meets destiny.

Roadmarkers [Kestomerkitsijät]

18:40 > Finland > 2007 > N. America premiere   
Director: Juho Kuosmanen
Synopsis: A world where people talk with few words and where violence is way to express your feelings.


5:30 > USA > 2008 > World premiere​
Director: Jakob Daschek                           
Synopsis: Amidst the madness of New York City, a virtually unknown surf culture is driven by a different current.

On the Assassination of the President

6:00 > USA > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Adam Keker                    
Synopsis:  A top-secret government file, to be viewed only in the event of the President's death by assassination.


4:15 > UK > 2007 > NYC Premiere  
Director: Johnny Kelly                               BEST ANIMATION
Synopsis: Sometimes the only way to get something done is to do two-dozen other things first.  

Bye-bye Boobies

14:00 > Australia > 2008
Director: Wednesday & Jez         
Synopsis: In October 2007, Jeremy had chest surgery, completing the female-to-male transition he has been working toward for two years.

2008 Official Selections


15:45 > USA > 2007
Director: Laura van Schendel  
Synopsis: Florent Morellet, owner of legendary restaurant Florent, battles his dark side as he tries to keep the lights on in his popular nightspot.


7:15 > Australia > 2008 > NYC premiere                              
Director: Glen Hunwick
Synopsis: All work and no play leads to disaster for a disgruntled farmer, his cow and hardworking dog.


2:58 > USA > 2008 > World premiere 
Director: Darrell Van Citters
Synopsis: From dinosaurs to petroleum to plastics, from sand to glass, a light-hearted look at why recycling the earth’s resources is so important.

15-17 Oct 2021


14:00 > USA > 2008 > NYC premiere​      
Director: Carlos Barbot                            BEST DOCUMENTARY
Synopsis: People will love what they want to love.

Tony Zoreil [Tony Zear]

20:00 > France > 2007 > NYC premiere   BEST FOREIGN LANG
Director: Valentin Potier                          & AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis: Tony is a 28 year-old single guy with very big ears.  Looking for love, he only finds women who reject his remarkable physical traits.

My Dad Ralph

11:44 > Canada > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Nicholas Wong
Synopsis: Ralph has been keeping his profession a secret from his 7-year-old son, Zack. But when Zack’s class participates in Take-Your-Kids-to-Work’ Day, keeping the secret becomes a lot harder.

The Confession

3:40 > Ireland > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Thomas Hefferon
Synopsis: A young man nervously goes to confess his sins, but the priest seems to be more interested in gossiping about the women of the town than granting him absolution.

Woman in Burka

20:33 > USA > 2008
Director: Jonathan Lisecki                           
Synopsis: A darkly comic look at the life of an actress and the types of Middle Eastern roles available to her in a post 9/11 culture

Ball Possession [Balbezit]

8:11 > Netherlands > 2007 > NYC premiere​
Director: Willemiek Kluijfhout                       
Synopsis: An amateur soccer match ends. All players head for the cosy clubhouse. All except Willem, who needs to retrieve his soccer ball.


12:00 > Spain > 2007
Director: Jose Manuel Carrasco                   BEST COMEDY
Synopsis: Pilar doesn’t want to be alone, so she decides to go to a dating agency and go on a blind date. 

Big Commission

3:51 > USA > 2008 >  World premiere
Director: Alex Frenklakh                              
Synopsis: A portrait painter is confronted with a challenging high profile commission when he is asked to paint a famous general with a pronounced mole.


13:00 > Spain > 2008 > NYC premiere​        BEST OF FEST &
Director: Arturo Ruiz Serrano                 AUDIENCE CHOICE C
Synopsis: Gabino has never declared his love to a woman.

Interior. Block of Flats Hallway
[Interior. Scara de Bloc]

16:00 > Romania > 2007 > NYC Premiere       
Director: Ciprian Alexandrescu                       BEST DRAMA
Synopsis: The death of a person starts a chain reaction which involves the neighbors. 

A Day in the Life

21:16 > Belgium > 2008 > NYC Premiere             
Director: Nicolas Daenens                     AUDIENCE CHOICE B   ​​
Synopsis: In a crazy daisy chain of events, Mario and Tom rob a bank, Emin drives the getaway car and Jimmy picks pockets.  Their fortunes intertwine over the course of a day.


9:10 > Canada > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Nicolas Brault               
Synopsis: Under the African sun, a mother's soul resurrected by music will return strength and life to her child.


6:26 > Canada > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Kellie Ann Benz
Synopsis: A dinner party conversation takes the most unexpected of turns.

The Turtle and the Shark

4:00 > USA > 2008 > NYC premiere​
Director: Ryan Woodward                             
Synopsis: After defying the King Malietoafaiga of Samoa, and deceiving their families, Fonuea and her husband flee to the island of Tutuila.  

17th ​New York City Short Film Festival

A Pickle

12:27 > Canada > 2008 > N. America premiere

Directors: Karen Nielsen
Synopsis:  An unlikely friendship emerges that challenges a young boy and will define his life forever.


12:30 > USA > 2008 > NYC premiere​          BEST KIDS &
Director: Kevin Watkins                         AUDIENCE CHIOCE K
Synopsis: A garden hose in search of adventure, discovers that the grass isn't greener on the other side - in fact there isn't even any grass.