20th ​New York City Short Film Festival

Sleight of Hand

9:48 > Australia > 2012
Director: Michael Cusack        BEST ANIMATION
Synopsis: A Man yearns to know his place in the world and how he fits in, when sometimes it's better not to know.

The Op Shop

7:00 > Australia > 2012
Director: Lee Rogers                 BEST COMEDY​
Synopsis:  A mysterious donation sends the sales clerks of a suburban op shop (thrift shop) on a journey of self-discovery.

White Weapon [Arma Blanca]

14:50  > Mexico > 2013 > US premiere​
Director: Mauricio Calderón Rico          BEST FOREIGN
Synopsis: Mari works as a maid in a luxury apartment where she serves the whims of a spoiled child whose mother is too busy to parent.


7:49 > Cuba > 2012             BEST DOCUMENTARY​
Director: Alejandro Enmanuel Alonso Estrella, Esther de Rothschild, Laura Costa Cantal, Rosanna Mendez Gonzalez
Synopsis: An 86-year-old woman watches the world through her bedroom window in Cuba.

The Wedding [La Boda]

12:00 > Spain > 2012                               BEST OF FEST &​
Director: Marina Seresesky                AUDIENCE CHOICE A
Synopsis: Cuban-born Mirta struggles to get to her daughter's wedding in Madrid after she is fired from her job.

Scent of a Woman

11:22 > USA > 2013 > NYC premiere​
Director: Lauren Savoy          
Synopsis: On a romantic weekend upstate, Fettucine Alfredo kicks in on the lactose-intolerant Chloe.

The Bash

5:28 > USA > 2013 >  NYC premiere
Director: Tyson FitzGerald                     BEST LGBT​Q+
Synopsis: A gay couple leaving a midnight screening in a seedy area of town get gay bashed and then turn the tables on their attackers. 

Silver Stiletto 

15:45 > Australia > 2012 >  NYC premiere
Director: Luke Mayze   
Synopsis: Two men are found dead in a dumpster outside of a well known gay bar and their wounds suggest the actions of a trained killer.

Brain Power

10:41 > USA > 2012 > NYC premiere
Director: Tiffany Shlain
Synopsis:  The parallels between a child's brain development and the way the Internet is developing today.

The Clockmakers [Les Horlogers] 

4:13> Canada > 2013 > NYC premiere​
Director: Renaud Hallée     
Synopsis: The Clockmakers travels inside a mysterious mechanism filled with revolving gearwheels, triangles and lines.

Under the Sun [Bajo el Sol]

10:00 > Mexico > 2012 > NYC premiere​
Director: Arcadi Palerm-Artís            BEST DRAMA
Synopsis: Two 6 year-old twin brothers portray a biblical story of fraternal envy. 


5:36 > New Zealand > 2012
Director: James Cunningham      
Synopsis: Even robots get bored in dead end jobs, until they realize they are about to be replaced by humans!


6:43 > Germany > 2012 > NYC premiere​
Director: Boris Seewald                            BEST STUDENT
Synopsis: There is always a moment when things begin.

2013 Official Selections

Explicit Sex [Sexo Explícito]

10:09 > Spain > 2013 > US premiere​
Director: José Manuel Carrasco
Synopsis: But is there anything in particular that you don’t like?

Dream Date

3:03 > UK > 2012 > World premiere

Directors: Andromeda Godfrey & Diana Juhr-De Benedetti
Synopsis:  A couple checks into a hotel to steal some quality time together.

My Friend Jodie 

9:39 > USA > 2012 >  NYC premiere
Director: Tracy Toscano                AUDIENCE CHOICE B
Synopsis: Filmmaker Tracy Toscano's renewed friendship with her estranged friend Jodie, who has recently revealed she has Huntington's disease.

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