The Daily Planner

Animation, 9:03, USA, 2006

Director: Max Coniglio

Synopsis: A lazy, disorganized couch potato is miraculously transformed into a manic, over-achieving member of the rat race after his wife hands him a daily planner.

The Danish Poet

Animation, 14:24, Norway/Canada, 2006

Director: Torill Kove

Synopsis: Is it possible to trace the chain of events that led to our own birth? Is our existence just coincidence? Do little things matter?

Awards: Best Animation Short, Audience Choice Programs D & K


Drama, 12:30, USA, 2006

Director: Justin Guerrieri

Synopsis: Roger Lange, a depressed, middle-aged accountant, comes face to face with a strange visitor: a young space traveler who mysteriously crash-landed on the moon in a homemade spacecraft.   Winner: Best Kids Short


Drama, 10:00, Canada, 2006

Director: Devon Bolton

Synopsis: A lonely 10-year-old boy discovers a miniature shipwreck on an isolated beach and is shocked to find dozens of tiny footprints leading away from the historic sailing vessel.

Right Place

Foreign, 5:15, Japan, 2005

Director: Kosai Sekine

Synopsis: A convenience store worker’s pedantic obsession for neatness leads to a sudden change in his career opportunities.

Mata [Mother]

Student, 10:53, USA, 2006

Director: William Graham

Synopsis: When a suburban Indian mother finds out her son has been brutalized at school, she takes matters into her own hands.


Student, 12:35, Taiwan, 2006

Director: Arvin Chen

Synopsis: At a popular noodle stand in the night markets of Taipei, a shy young man has fallen in love with the daughter of the stand's owner.

Awards: Best Student Short & Audience Choice Program B

Niemand liebt dich so wie ich 

[No one loves you as I do]

Foreign, 16:24, Germany, 2006

Director: Luca Zamai

SynopsisWhen Josy returns to her childhood home after her mother’s death, memories of the past come flooding back.

Award: Best Foreign Language Short


Drama, 14:45, USA, 2005

Director: Sam Friedlander

Synopsis: Case and Drake share one consciousness, connected by their dreams. When Case starts to experiment in his dreams, he soon realizes the consequences are real. Award: Audience Choice Program C


Foreign, 13:00, Spain, 2005

Director: Alvaro Giménez Sarmiento

Synopsis: Soraya, a recovering drug addict, must choose between her child and life on the street.

Marti’s Party

Comedy, 15:00, Australia, 2006

Director: Annabelle Murphy

Synopsis: A short comedy about a man who has an unhealthy obsession with his health.

Jelly Baby

Comedy, 10:20, Ireland, 2005

Directors: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke

Synopsis: Jack and Jill had a great relationship. Then they had a baby.

Award: Best Comedy Short

Hyperactive Ingredients

Animation, 3:41, USA, 2006

Director: Trevor Piecham

Synopsis: A mischievous young boy creates mixed drinks out of random household items and tests them on his subjects—his cat, dog and sister.

Help is Coming

Drama, 7:45, USA, 2006

Director: Ben Mor

Synopsis: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, three youths survey the desolate wasteland only to find a suspicious looking package.

Hombre Kabuki

Drama, 10:00, USA, 2006

Director: Leo Age

Synopsis: Lust, trust and lucha libre.  Lovers enact a game of duping and disguise with a Mexican wrestling mask.


Comedy, 11:04, USA, 2006

Director: Sophie Barthes

Synopsis: What if happiness was for sale? One evening, after work, Iwona buys a box of happiness in a strange discount store and has to decide what to do with it.

Girls Night Out

Gay, 18:00, USA, 2006

Director: Gucci Man

Synopsis: Young, urban lesbian women discuss everything from Gay Pride to relationships.  Award: Best LGBT Short

Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot

Animation, 7:00, USA, 2005

Director: David Chai

Synopsis: A heartwarming tale of female empowerment and overcoming one's adversities; along with shotgun barrage, wild moose attack, and infant electrocution.

Facing Bill

Documentary, 19:02, Germany, 2006

Director:  Hans Finckh

Synopsis: Facing Bill is a Black American Dream about entertainment and black emancipation, career and love, about mother and son, remembrance and presence. And Bill...

Caught in Paint

Documentary, 5:54, USA, 2003

Director: Rita Blitt

Synopsis: Caught in Paint captures painter/sculptor Rita Blitt painting on transparent surfaces while the David Parsons Dance Co. dance in mid-air thru the painting imitating Blitt's paint strokes. Photographer Lois Greenfield shoots dynamic stills during the process.


Animation, 7:35, USA, 2006

Director: Troy Morgan

Synopsis: After her parents die in a tragic fire, a young girl is sent to an orphanage where she begins sketching fiery visions.

The Story of Bubbleboy

Drama, 6:05, Australia, 2006

Director: Sean Ascroft

Producer: Kristy Fransen

Synopsis: In a stab-happy world, a sad outcast wrestles with his demons.

Bloot [Naked]

Animation, 6:00, Netherlands, 2006

Director: Mischa Kamp

Synopsis: A funny and moving portrait of pre-adolescent girls struggling with their changing bodies.


Animation, 7:05, UK, 2005

Director: Sharon Colman

Synopsis: The tale of a badger who just wants the world to let him sleep.

Assertion Techniques    

Comedy, 3:04, UK, 2006

Director: Nick Reed

Synopsis: Want to be assertive? Then watch this film. I said - WATCH IT!

Available Men    

Comedy, 14:59, USA, 2005

Director: David Dean Bottrell

Synopsis: A Hollywood agent and a sensitive gay man mistake each other for the person they were expecting to meet. Hilarity ensues.

An American Revolution    

Drama, 4:41, USA, 2006

Director: Peter-John Campbell

Synopsis: Two boys playing in the woods imagine themselves to be soldiers in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, with Redcoats hot on their tails.

After 8   

Drama, 18:00, UK, 2005

Director: Nick Reed

Synopsis: Do Dads really make the best mums these days?

Award: Best Drama Short

2006 Festival

2006 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS  (in alphabetical order)

Totalka [Totaled]

Foreign, 15:10, Slovenia, 2006

Director: Klemen Dvornik

Synopsis: When Ivan's life gets totaled, he has to decide between repairing it and moving on.

The Trainee

Foreign, 8:15, Singapore, 2006

Director: Craig Rosenthal

SynopsisMeet The Trainee: Tonight she’s broken a freshly painted fingernail while closing the register, so you better think twice before venturing into her inconvenience store.

The Fighting Cholitas

Documentary, 20:00, Bolivia/USA, 2006

Directors: Mariam Jobrani, Kenny Krauss, Teresa Deskins

A group of strong and resilient, female, Bolivian wrestlers pack the auditorium every Sunday for an afternoon of live entertainment and 'justice served in the ring.'  Award: Best Documentary Short

The Cell-Phone

Animation, 3:26, USA, 2006

Director: Zachary Brewster-Geisz

Synopsis: A film for anyone who's been annoyed by someone talking on the phone while driving, talking on the phone while eating, talking on the phone while living.

Mr Schwartz, Mr Hazen, Mr Horlocker

Animation, 7:40, Germany, 2005

Director: Stefan Mueller

SynopsisA comedic incident involving the police as told from the point of view of each tenant in an apartment building.

The Musical Genius of Mozart McFiddle

Animation, 2:20, USA, 2006

Director: Brittney Lee

SynopsisA small dog can and will do anything to get outside.


Animation, 8:00, USA, 2006

Directors: Anya Belkina & Ken Calhoun

SynopsisA lecherous bath-house worker, Nasuh, overcomes his carnal desires when hit by a spiritual revelation.

Untold Legacy

Documentary, 13:40, USA, 2006

Director: Leslie Brown

Synopsis: The battle over the Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance in the NY City Council exposes the history of New York's slave-based development and why restitution is due.


Drama, 11:30, USA, 2006

Director: Tze Chun

Synopsis: A string of break-ins create a wave of paranoia in small-town suburbia.

Winner: Audience Choice Program A

The Handyman

Drama, 15:00, UK, 2006

Director: Simon Rumley

Synopsis: Julia Parchant is a spinster who lives on an isolated farm in America’s Midwest.  An itinerant handyman takes a job on the farm just as news arrives that a serial killer is on the loose.

The Waif of Persephone

Animation, 12:20, Canada, 2006

Director: Nick Cross

Synopsis: When the goddess of spring is abducted she must be rescued. But will the compromises and concessions result in a worse fate?

Tragic Story with Happy Ending

Animation, 7:40, Portugal/Canada, 2005

Director: Regina Pessoa

Synopsis: A little girl finds acceptance in embracing her own difference.

14th New York City Short Film Festival  20 OCTOBER 2018 

Tommy the Kid

Comedy, 11:50, Australia, 2006

Director: Stuart Clegg

Synopsis: When Tom's pushbike is stolen by Rob, a local junkstore owner, Tom feels powerless to do anything about it. But an encounter with Rob's dog gives Tom an idea.