The Musical Genius of Mozart McFiddle

Animation, 2:20, USA, 2006

Director: Brittney Lee

SynopsisA small dog can and will do anything to get outside.


Animation, 8:00, USA, 2006

Directors: Anya Belkina & Ken Calhoun

SynopsisA lecherous bath-house worker, Nasuh, overcomes his carnal desires when hit by a spiritual revelation.

Niemand liebt dich so wie ich 

[No one loves you as I do]

Foreign, 16:24, Germany, 2006

Director: Luca Zamai

SynopsisWhen Josy returns to her childhood home after her mother’s death, memories of the past come flooding back.

Award: Best Foreign Language Short


Drama, 14:45, USA, 2005

Director: Sam Friedlander

Synopsis: Case and Drake share one consciousness, connected by their dreams. When Case starts to experiment in his dreams, he soon realizes the consequences are real. Award: Audience Choice Program C

Hombre Kabuki

Drama, 10:00, USA, 2006

Director: Leo Age

Synopsis: Lust, trust and lucha libre.  Lovers enact a game of duping and disguise with a Mexican wrestling mask.


Comedy, 11:04, USA, 2006

Director: Sophie Barthes

Synopsis: What if happiness was for sale? One evening, after work, Iwona buys a box of happiness in a strange discount store and has to decide what to do with it.

Girls Night Out

Gay, 18:00, USA, 2006

Director: Gucci Man

Synopsis: Young, urban lesbian women discuss everything from Gay Pride to relationships.  Award: Best LGBT Short

Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot

Animation, 7:00, USA, 2005

Director: David Chai

Synopsis: A heartwarming tale of female empowerment and overcoming one's adversities; along with shotgun barrage, wild moose attack, and infant electrocution.

Facing Bill

Documentary, 19:02, Germany, 2006

Director:  Hans Finckh

Synopsis: Facing Bill is a Black American Dream about entertainment and black emancipation, career and love, about mother and son, remembrance and presence. And Bill...

Caught in Paint

Documentary, 5:54, USA, 2003

Director: Rita Blitt

Synopsis: Caught in Paint captures painter/sculptor Rita Blitt painting on transparent surfaces while the David Parsons Dance Co. dance in mid-air thru the painting imitating Blitt's paint strokes. Photographer Lois Greenfield shoots dynamic stills during the process.


Animation, 7:35, USA, 2006

Director: Troy Morgan

Synopsis: After her parents die in a tragic fire, a young girl is sent to an orphanage where she begins sketching fiery visions.

The Story of Bubbleboy

Drama, 6:05, Australia, 2006

Director: Sean Ascroft

Producer: Kristy Fransen

Synopsis: In a stab-happy world, a sad outcast wrestles with his demons.

Bloot [Naked]

Animation, 6:00, Netherlands, 2006

Director: Mischa Kamp

Synopsis: A funny and moving portrait of pre-adolescent girls struggling with their changing bodies.


Animation, 7:05, UK, 2005

Director: Sharon Colman

Synopsis: The tale of a badger who just wants the world to let him sleep.

Assertion Techniques    

Comedy, 3:04, UK, 2006

Director: Nick Reed

Synopsis: Want to be assertive? Then watch this film. I said - WATCH IT!

Available Men    

Comedy, 14:59, USA, 2005

Director: David Dean Bottrell

Synopsis: A Hollywood agent and a sensitive gay man mistake each other for the person they were expecting to meet. Hilarity ensues.

An American Revolution    

Drama, 4:41, USA, 2006

Director: Peter-John Campbell

Synopsis: Two boys playing in the woods imagine themselves to be soldiers in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, with Redcoats hot on their tails.

After 8   

Drama, 18:00, UK, 2005

Director: Nick Reed

Synopsis: Do Dads really make the best mums these days?

Award: Best Drama Short

2006 Festival

2006 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS  (in alphabetical order)

The Danish Poet

Animation, 14:24, Norway/Canada, 2006

Director: Torill Kove

Synopsis: Is it possible to trace the chain of events that led to our own birth? Is our existence just coincidence? Do little things matter?

Awards: Best Animation Short, Audience Choice Programs D & K


Drama, 12:30, USA, 2006

Director: Justin Guerrieri

Synopsis: Roger Lange, a depressed, middle-aged accountant, comes face to face with a strange visitor: a young space traveler who mysteriously crash-landed on the moon in a homemade spacecraft.   Winner: Best Kids Short

Mr Schwartz, Mr Hazen, Mr Horlocker

Animation, 7:40, Germany, 2005

Director: Stefan Mueller

SynopsisA comedic incident involving the police as told from the point of view of each tenant in an apartment building.

Hyperactive Ingredients

Animation, 3:41, USA, 2006

Director: Trevor Piecham

Synopsis: A mischievous young boy creates mixed drinks out of random household items and tests them on his subjects—his cat, dog and sister.

Help is Coming

Drama, 7:45, USA, 2006

Director: Ben Mor

Synopsis: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, three youths survey the desolate wasteland only to find a suspicious looking package.

The Cell-Phone

Animation, 3:26, USA, 2006

Director: Zachary Brewster-Geisz

Synopsis: A film for anyone who's been annoyed by someone talking on the phone while driving, talking on the phone while eating, talking on the phone while living.


Student, 12:35, Taiwan, 2006

Director: Arvin Chen

Synopsis: At a popular noodle stand in the night markets of Taipei, a shy young man has fallen in love with the daughter of the stand's owner.

Awards: Best Student Short & Audience Choice Program B

Jelly Baby

Comedy, 10:20, Ireland, 2005

Directors: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke

Synopsis: Jack and Jill had a great relationship. Then they had a baby.

Award: Best Comedy Short

The Trainee

Foreign, 8:15, Singapore, 2006

Director: Craig Rosenthal

SynopsisMeet The Trainee: Tonight she’s broken a freshly painted fingernail while closing the register, so you better think twice before venturing into her inconvenience store.


Drama, 10:00, Canada, 2006

Director: Devon Bolton

Synopsis: A lonely 10-year-old boy discovers a miniature shipwreck on an isolated beach and is shocked to find dozens of tiny footprints leading away from the historic sailing vessel.

Marti’s Party

Comedy, 15:00, Australia, 2006

Director: Annabelle Murphy

Synopsis: A short comedy about a man who has an unhealthy obsession with his health.

The Waif of Persephone

Animation, 12:20, Canada, 2006

Director: Nick Cross

Synopsis: When the goddess of spring is abducted she must be rescued. But will the compromises and concessions result in a worse fate?

Right Place

Foreign, 5:15, Japan, 2005

Director: Kosai Sekine

Synopsis: A convenience store worker’s pedantic obsession for neatness leads to a sudden change in his career opportunities.


Foreign, 13:00, Spain, 2005

Director: Alvaro Giménez Sarmiento

Synopsis: Soraya, a recovering drug addict, must choose between her child and life on the street.

The Daily Planner

Animation, 9:03, USA, 2006

Director: Max Coniglio

Synopsis: A lazy, disorganized couch potato is miraculously transformed into a manic, over-achieving member of the rat race after his wife hands him a daily planner.

Mata [Mother]

Student, 10:53, USA, 2006

Director: William Graham

Synopsis: When a suburban Indian mother finds out her son has been brutalized at school, she takes matters into her own hands.

Tragic Story with Happy Ending

Animation, 7:40, Portugal/Canada, 2005

Director: Regina Pessoa

Synopsis: A little girl finds acceptance in embracing her own difference.

15th New York City Short Film Festival  19 OCTOBER 2019 


Drama, 11:30, USA, 2006

Director: Tze Chun

Synopsis: A string of break-ins create a wave of paranoia in small-town suburbia.

Winner: Audience Choice Program A

The Fighting Cholitas

Documentary, 20:00, Bolivia/USA, 2006

Directors: Mariam Jobrani, Kenny Krauss, Teresa Deskins

A group of strong and resilient, female, Bolivian wrestlers pack the auditorium every Sunday for an afternoon of live entertainment and 'justice served in the ring.'  Award: Best Documentary Short

Tommy the Kid

Comedy, 11:50, Australia, 2006

Director: Stuart Clegg

Synopsis: When Tom's pushbike is stolen by Rob, a local junkstore owner, Tom feels powerless to do anything about it. But an encounter with Rob's dog gives Tom an idea.

The Handyman

Drama, 15:00, UK, 2006

Director: Simon Rumley

Synopsis: Julia Parchant is a spinster who lives on an isolated farm in America’s Midwest.  An itinerant handyman takes a job on the farm just as news arrives that a serial killer is on the loose.

Totalka [Totaled]

Foreign, 15:10, Slovenia, 2006

Director: Klemen Dvornik

Synopsis: When Ivan's life gets totaled, he has to decide between repairing it and moving on.

Untold Legacy

Documentary, 13:40, USA, 2006

Director: Leslie Brown

Synopsis: The battle over the Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance in the NY City Council exposes the history of New York's slave-based development and why restitution is due.